Blueberry Kush

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Indica Hybrid – 20% Sativa /80% Indica

THC: 24%

Blueberry Kush. A pure Indica (Sativa/Indica ratio of 0:100) is a favorite offspring of two legends, Blueberry and OG Kush. It packs massive THC contents, topping 24% in at least one publicly available test.

This strain contains much lower amounts of CBD, however, much less than 1%. That’s too low to recommend Blueberry Kush as a treatment for seizures and other conditions that respond to CBD. But it’s a good strain for treating anxiety, low mood, ADHD, migraine headaches, mood disorders, chronic pain, and nausea. The indica effects are deeply relaxing, happy, euphoric, and sleepy. That makes Blueberry Kush a great late-night strain and an effective way to treat insomnia. This strain has an earthy flavor and aroma with notes of berries and herbs.  It’s also a frequent find on the black market in many parts of the United States.

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8 reviews for Blueberry Kush

  1. blackhead

    This strain has always been one of my favorites. This wonderful flower tastes and smells beautiful. At a distance smells skunky with a sent of blueberries. Nice thick smoke and smooth on the exhale and finishes with an expansion kick. Good head and body high, but to much will put you out.

  2. kilammdream

    Overall a great strain, at least for my problems. Though a hybrid, it is very heavy on the Indica. Typical Sativa effects are barely noticeable (at least in this batch); the only thing characteristic of a Sativa here is the lack of couch lock and some definite-head high.

  3. monreo

    I can’t open my eyes.

  4. flickrmanue

    I want to give this six stars. I’m a Sativa girl. I don’t usually give two shits about heavy indicas like this , but this is special. Starting with its flavor.

  5. mathew

    I felt like a warm blueberry muffin after I vaped this…

  6. treser

    Absolutely in LOVE with Blueberry. My old summer fling had this stuff and I remember our day spent at a lake was out-of-this-world. I decided to try it out again when I found a new dispensary which carried it.

  7. micheal

    Bubbles of fruit carry me towards the heaven where I shall finally meet THC Jesus. If you are reading this you have been blessed by him, puff puff pass it on

  8. ego

    I feel like I’m wearing a hat. But I’m definitely not wearing a hat.

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