Black Sugar Clones


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Black Sugar Clones is One of those strains was not only a bestseller for its medical properties, but also as the best tasting variety.

A stable multi hybrid of short squat indica’s and short sativa’s.

Here is a very easy, incredibly short strain famous for it’s taste and effect. And the strange part is that it looks like an indica; short and squat like a NL, reaching a height of 40 – 50cm, but has lots of sativa smell and flavour. A licorice, flowery, fresh smell with a distant little earthy afghan undertone.  Basically, she grows like an indica, but has the characteristics of a sativa.

Why Black Sugar? With temperatures on the low side, flowers turn dark purple-ish/blue-ish and when dried black-ish/purple-ish covered in resin “sugar”.

Plant Sizes

4-6 inches, 8-10 inches, 12 inches, 14-16 inches, 18+ inches


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