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The success of our collective results from a simple method of acquiring the most potent cannabis strains for marijuana patients and cannabis breeders alike. have been the best source of marijuana clones for sale and cannabis seeds in California consistently the last several years.
We have the most professional and simple platform to buy clones online. Don’t be fooled by gimmick websites with random lists of marijuana strains and no information.

Are you looking for marijuana clones, distillates, vape cartridges, teens, edibles and concentrates for sale around you? You’ve come to the right place. We have the best selection of clones and teens around and we deliver rooted, healthy plants to licensed cultivators all over Colorado and around the world! Check out our products for sale.

Max Ganjer Buds is one among Colorado’s premier and first-ever Online Collectives, providing distance shipping to your door, virtually anywhere! No got to head all the way right down to the dispensary or wait hours on end for the delivery service, with strangers knocking at your door. This forward-thinking concept provides patients with a convenient & extremely discreet way to get their medication fast & easy.

Our collection of products boasts a number of the very best quality within the industry, Our customer service is personal and that we look after all of our patients in our community. Our Budz loyalty program rewards our patients with great discounts by earning points from purchases to sharing about us on social media.

We can virtually deliver overnight to anywhere in the US, with the exception of extremely remote areas, but even in some remote and rural areas, we’ve seen success(some possible delays).

We do supply the best of medical hash oil strains and Marijuana or weed. We sell at affordable prices and discounts are given to bulk buyers and first-timers. Delivery is 48hours max depending on your location. Our packages are discreet, packaging double vacuum sealed.

Below are some of our strains that are available;

OG Kush, White Widow, AK47, Purple Kush, Purple Haze, Afghan Kush, Blueberry, GSC Cookies, Pineapple Express and carts like Dankvapes, KRT Carts, Kingpens, Smart Carts, Brass Knuckles, Heavy Hitters, Mario Carts, Exotic Carts, Rove Carts, Chronic Carts, Stiiizy, 31 Flavors.

NB: You must be 18 years of age and above before you can purchase from Best Grade Buds.

We believe in safe, discreet, and affordable access to medical marijuana for all of the patients in our collective.

Address: 1991 Roy Alley, Denver, CO, 80218, USA.

Phone Number : +1 (720) 500-2894,

Email Address: info@maxganjerbuds.com

Worldwide Shipping

We offer shipping and tracking with all orders. Tracking information is given IMMEDIATELY when orders are shipped.

Best Quality

Fantastic quality clones, short delivery time usually within 3 to 4 days of order depending on what day you ordered. Very simple and trustworthy services!

Best Offers

I would highly recommend Max Ganjer Buds to anyone wanting cannabis, painkillers and anxiety pills securely in the United States, Canada and worldwide.

Secure Payments

we do accept secure methods of Payment such as Paypal. CashApp, Zelle Pay, Google Pay, Western Union, Money Gram and Bank to Bank Transfer.